About Kelley Overseas


Successful expert careers started right at Kelley Overseas

Who we Are

We are India’s pioneer education consulting group that undertakes students’ recruitment from India for the best Institutions and university partners across the globe.

Kelley Overseas has nurtured alliances in major countries, including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and other countries.

Our team of seasoned counselors with our motto to enable students to ‘step out without doubt. Our students are charting their success stories across the globe, as we establish Kelley Overseas as the most trusted and accessible Overseas Education Consultant in India.

Kelley Overseas has a guiding Mission and Vision statement that provides a beacon for our organization.

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Our Mission Statement

  • Easy access to the outside world for anybody heading forward in higher education
  • Augmenting students’ experience through expert counseling and unmatched support services
  • Facilitating the admission and visa processing, post the acceptance of the application by the partner university
  • Ensuring availability of only reputed and recognized International Education partners for aspiring students through stringent selection process
  • Assisting the youth of India with many ways to get comfortable in a foreign and different environment

Our Vision

  • “To offer and provide effortlessly facilitation of fulfilling dreams of studying internationally.”We support ambitions. Our goal is to make it happen for the ones aiming to pursue international education. The international education process can be chaotic, and mind-numbing. That’s where we step in and make the whole experience of the process of studying abroad simple, hassle-free and effortless.If you are one of the students intending to pursue studying abroad, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our qualified International education counselors and get instant guidance.